For Sale and Wanted

posted: 11 Feb 2017

My Hummel is in good condition and runs so I want to refurbish but I need a few parts.

Who can help ?  I’d appreciate help as importing a tail light for instance is 70EU ! before import and postage.
I’d like to see if I can get maybe parts here in RSA first before I do the “expensive” thing to import
2 x tyres 23”
2 x tubes 23”
1 x front part of the petrol tap (only the little thing that is the tap handle)
The rubbers for the front suspension left and right
My bike is complete and I even have a new speedo that a friend found in India for me – my speedo lens is cracked – can that crack be fixed and by who ?
Please help me, as I am part of a large 50cc club and will be the only Hummel owner there !

Thanks, André
Somerset West Office
Mobile 072 420 0329